Are Maxi Power Lithium batteries compatible with lead acid chargers?

Maxi Power Lithium batteries must only be charged using the charging equipment supplied with the battery. It is not possible to charge the battery using any other charging equipment.

Are Maxi Power Lithium batteries dangerous?

No is the simple answer! Unfortunately certain other types of Lithium battery can be dangerous if not treated in the correct manner. The Maxi Power Lithium range is made from LiFePO4 (Lithium ion Phosphate) which is widely recognised as the safest type of lithium battery. This makes it the material of choice for electric vehicle manufacturers.

How do I connect a Maxi Power Lithium battery to my trolley?

Maxi Power Lithium batteries are designed for use on a wide-range of electric trolleys using various connection types. Interconnect cables/Red& Black Torberry connectors are fully compatible with the Maxi Power range. If your trolley uses a different connection, please contact us for instructions.

How long will a Maxi Power Lithium battery last?

The lifetime of a battery is determined by a number of factors including regularity of play, weight of golf bag, course type, trolley age and trolley type. With this in mind it is not possible to predict how long a battery will last.

How long will it take to charge a Maxi Power Lithium battery?

Each Maxi Power Lithium battery is supplied with a specifically developed charging unit which will fully charge the battery from empty in less than 4.5 hours.

How should a Maxi Power Lithium battery be stored if not used for considerable periods of time?

For storage in excess of two months, it is recommended to fully charge the battery before reducing the level of charge to around 60% (ideally by using it for 40% of its capacity). It should then be fully charged prior to its next use.

Is it possible to use a Maxi Power Lithium battery and still use a lead-acid battery?

Yes. The Maxi Power battery is designed to work just like a lead acid battery with no modification required.

Should a Maxi Power Lithium battery be recharged if not been used for a full round?

Maxi Power Lithium batteries do not suffer from a “memory effect” seen in certain other high technology batteries. This means that it will not cause any damage to the battery. The only effect will be a quicker charge.

What is the best way to maximise the life of a Maxi Power Lithium battery?

Thanks to the advanced battery management system, the Maxi Power Lithium battery is protected against overcharging and excessive discharge during use. Despite this there is still a danger of damage to the battery if left un-charged after use. The best way to prolong the life of your battery is to charge it as soon as possible after each round.

What is the safest way to dispose of a Maxi Power Lithium battery?

At Maxi Power we are dedicated to protecting the environment and strongly recommend disposing of our batteries in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Maxi Power Lithium batteries can be taken to a registered recycling point.

What maintenance is recommended for Maxi Power Lithium batteries?

In addition to regular charging, it is recommended to regularly check the battery connections and keep the battery clean with a damp cloth.

Which battery capacity should I purchase?

We are pleased to offer 16ah capacity designed to cover 18 on single motored trolleys (less for dual-motored trolleys). Your decision should be based on the number of holes you are looking to play. Attempting to play considerably more holes than the battery is designed to achieve can cause damage to the battery and may result in you having to push your trolley home!

Which trolley models are compatible with Maxi Power Lithium batteries?

The Maxi Power Lithium battery is compatible with any current trolley which uses a 12v power source. A full compatibility list is available on request.