Maxi Power 12v SLA Charger with Interconnect Fitting


12V Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery Charger

Includes T-Bar Adapter cable, simply plug straight into your battery T-Bar.

Recommended Battery and Charger Pairing:

Maxi 12V 20Ah Battery – Pair with a 12V 2A Charger

Maxi 12V 26Ah Battery – Pair with a 12V 4A Charger

Maxi 12V 33Ah Battery – Pair with a 12V 4A Charger

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Our Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger is the ideal charger for our AGM golf batteries.

Using the correct charger is essential to ensure optimum battery performance. Our SLA chargers provide the required charging voltage of 14.8V bulk charge and 13.8V float charge, helping to ensure a longer battery life.



Voltage 12V
Technology Sealed Lead Acid

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