What golf battery do I need?

Sealed Lead Acid or Lithium?

The two main types of battery technology are Sealed Lead Acid and Lithium.

Lithium batteries are becoming increasingly popular due to their lightweight design and fast charging ability; however, lithium batteries also come with a higher price tag than their SLA predecessors.  

Sealed Lead Acid batteries are still a popular economic and reliable option; however, they require more maintenance than their lithium counterparts.  

How many holes do you play a week?

Golf batteries are defined by their Ah (amp hour) and by the number of holes they are suitable for. 

SLA batteries are commonly: 18 Hole (20Ah), 27 Hole (26Ah) and 36 Hole (33Ah).  

The Maxi Lithium batteries are available in 18 Hole (16Ah) and 36 Hole (22Ah).  

What connection do you have on your trolley? 

A MaxiPower 26Ah Sealed Lead Acid with Torberry / Red/Black wires

The two main connection types are T-Bar also known as interconnect (a popular fitting with the Powakaddy plug n play) and Torberry wires which are the red and black leads.  

A MaxiPower 26Ah Sealed Lead Acid with Interconnect / T-Bar

Posted: September 10, 2019